Vail Valley’s Only International Trainer Will Import Your Dream Horse!

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Ta-da! Our Importing Press Release!

Starting in early 2010 clients will have the option of traveling with Anita and her stable manager to Spain, Holland, or Germany in search of the horses they dreamed of as children. Europe has the oldest, purest bloodlines in the world, making their horses a true treasure. Importing to improve the quality of American horses has long been a passion of serious equestrians, and now the program is open to people who aren’t necessarily equestrians… yet. You don’t have to already be a horseman or horsewoman to participate in the program- it is designed for the amateur crowd or even those who haven’t ridden before.

Clients will enjoy a relaxing vacation while touring some of the oldest stables in the world, which breed Andalusians, Friesians, and Hanoverians. Andalusians are known for their stunning movement and long elegant manes, and even the World Famous Lippizan Show by Lashinsky keeps one or two Andalusians in the “cast” to delight audiences on every continent. Friesians are perhaps best known as the jet-black horses of medieval knights, and also stun with their natural elegance and impressive presence. Hanoverians are often the chosen mounts of Olympic competitors, and excel at every equestrian sport, taking their owners the highest level of whichever discipline they desire to master.

Anita Williams is an international competitor who knows exactly what conformation makes a champion and what temperament the horse needs to be the perfect partner at home and in the show ring. She is excellent at matching her client’s personalities with that of the correct horse to create a perfect team. Anita has trained with many Olympic riders, and has trained her personal stallion Morocco to the highest levels of dressage, which is best described to non-equestrians as ballet for horses. Everyone in the dressage circle knows and respects her as a dedicated horsewoman, whose lifelong goal is to help preserve the art of horsemanship. She will be directly involved in all the importing programs.

Danielle Neumann has worked at many top Friesian (Holland Program) and Andalusian (Spain Program) breeding facilities, many of which had numerous imported horses, and knows exactly what characteristics each horse should exhibit to best represent their lineage. She also knows exactly where to go in Holland and Spain to find these wonderful bloodlines. She has many professional contacts who will lend their importing expertise to the programs, ensuring that clients get exactly what they left the U.S. in search of. At many of the stables, she watched amateur adults who had never owned a horse bring over horses from Europe, bond with them, and grow into avid riders. There is something special about the bond between a horse and it’s owner, and it’s amazing to watch the many ways people grow in all aspects of their lives when horses are involved.

Anita & Morocco

Anita & Morocco

Contact Danielle Neumann at 586-419-3945 or DNeumann@gmx.com for more information.


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